Dr. Supra Kumari (Faculty)


Dr. Supra Kumari

Assistant Professor (Guest),
Department of Humanities and Social Science

8083745118   |   [email protected]

Subject Expertise
Area Of Research
Toxicity of phthalate on male reproductive system of Swiss albino mice
List Of Publications
Dose dependent toxicity of phthalate exposure on Swiss albino mice
Phthalate exposure and infertility outcomes in Swiss albino mice.
Toxicity of Di-ethyl hexyl phthalate on testis of Swiss albino mice.
Reproductive toxicity of phthalate esters in male mus musculus.
Toxicity of Endosulfan on total lipid contents of liver,kidney,testis and ovary of fish channa punctatus bloch
Conference Attended (National/International)
Environment and health national symposiums sponsored by UNICEF,Bihar on Jan 16,2017
Hands on training and workshop on application on quantitative real time PCR 8 th Feb to 9 Feb 2018
Advanced separation technique for estimation of pesticide in water samples on high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) 22 nd and 23 rd December 2017
International Seminar on Gall Bladder cancer (ISGBC)-2022 JUNE 18 MAHAVIR CANCER SANSTHAN & RESEARCH CENTRE ,PATNA BIHAR In associations with graduate school of frontier science university of Tokyo,Japan.
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