Prof. Shashi Raj (Faculty)


Prof. Shashi Raj

Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science

9155812047   |   [email protected]

Ph.D.* (Computer Science and Engineering), IIT (ISM), Dhanbad
M. Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering), MNNIT, Allahabad
B. Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering), WBUT, Kolkata
Subject Expertise
Database Management Systems
Computer Networks
Operating Systems
Data Mining
Data Structures and Algorithms
Area Of Research
Data Mining
Big Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Professional Experience
Assistant Professor (CSE), Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun
IT Manager, South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd., Patna
Assistant Professor (IT), Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur
Assistant Professor (CSE), Bakhtiyarpur College of Engineering, Bakhtiyarpur
List Of Publications
Raj, Shashi, Dharavath Ramesh, and Krishan Kumar Sethi. "EAFIM: efficient apriori-based frequent itemset mining algorithm on Spark for big transactional data." KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS (2020).
Raj, Shashi, Dharavath Ramesh, and Krishan Kumar Sethi. "A Spark based Apriori algorithm with reduced shuffle overhead." JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING (2020).
Dharavath, Ramesh, and Shashi Raj. "Quantitative Analysis of Frequent Itemsets Using Apriori Algorithm on Apache Spark Framework." Computational Intelligence in Data Mining. Springer, Singapore, 2017. 261-272.
Raj, S., Ramesh, D. PartEclat: an improved Eclat-based frequent itemset mining algorithm on spark clusters using partition technique. Cluster Comput (2022).
Raj, Shashi, and Dharavath Ramesh. "Applying Partition Method to Adopt Spark-Based Eclat Algorithm for Large Transactional Datasets." Proceedings of International Conference on Communication and Computational Technologies. Springer, Singapore, 2023.
Awards and Honors
BPSC Assistant Professor (IT) recruitment AIR-1.
BPSC Assistant Professor (CSE) recruitment AIR-16.
Qualified GATE 2012 (AIR-823), 2014 (AIR-2032), 2016 (AIR-996).
Qualified UGC-NET December 2015.
Recognized by NPTEL as NPTEL-Believer in July 2019.
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